Andante Higgins

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Andante Higgins, a San Francisco native, has worked in television news for a decade with the last seven years in New York City. Dante worked for most of this time in network news at CBS, where he continues as producer.

While at CBS News, Dante was embedded for nine months with Senator John McCain on the presidential campaign trail with duties ranging from reporter to producer, DV cameraman and interviewee for radio.  He brought in raw, up-to-the minute information and video while publishing multiple daily blog posts.

Prior to this assignment, Dante worked for CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, producing daily newsbreaks, cutting voice-overs, coordinating all tape, and producing headlines as well as teases for the broadcast.  He held other posts at CBS News researching stories, setting up and conducting interviews, as well as shooting and producing pieces.