Denise Juneau and the Montana Native American Vote

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MIJE Staff
November 7, 2012

Exemplifying some of the undertold stories of the election, MIJE board member Mark Trahant produced a segment on the campaign of Denise Juneau and what it says about the growing importance of the Native American vote in the state of Montana and in the country as a whole.

Examples like these remind us of the importance of diversity in the nation's news media.

- MIJE Staff

American Indians are a small group nationally, just over one percent of all voters. But in Montana that number is nearly 8 percent and are a key voting bloc. Six years ago Native voters helped elect Jon Tester to the U.S. Senate and four years ago they elected Denise Juneau to run the state's school system.

Juneau is the only American Indian to hold a state constitutional office -- governor, attorney general, or school superintendent -- anywhere in the United States. She is also said she's proud to be the first Native American woman in history to win a statewide election.

All seven of Montana's reservations have stepped up their voting efforts, ranging from early voting on the Crow Reservation to get out the vote rallies in Fort Belknap.



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