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Dutch Paper Uses "N-Word" In Reviewing Coates Book

Friday, August 14, 2015

Atlantic writer has defended term, but not used like that; Asian Americans in "candid convos" on newsroom coping; reporter among 6 killed as 5 burst into Mexican bar; suspect held in televised robbery of Bay Area news crews; blacks, whites split on protection offered by gun ownership; Apple workforce is 8% black, 7% Latino; paper punctures Jindal's defense of Confederate statues; Gates Foundation gives $4.7M for African newsrooms (8/14/15)


A Pulitzer to "the Voice of White Los Angeles"

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In '65 Watts coverage, race complexities eluded L.A. Times; black men account for 40% of unarmed killings by police; Cincinnati outlets want video released of officer's slaying; Obama writes letter to editor on voting rights; bilingual Texas educator chosen for J-diversity award; visit to Prince studio was possible "memory of a lifetime"; Carolina Garcia to retire as M.E. of L.A. Newspaper Group; judge tosses $20 billion suit against Sharpton, Comcast (8/12/15)


2 Reporters Face Charges in Ferguson

Monday, August 10, 2015

NABJ, Unity join media outlets in expressing outrage; Virgil Smith, V.P. for diversity at Gannett, to retire; NABJ likely brought more blacks than ever to Paisley Park; NABJ "Journalist of Year" says to tell blacks' stories; "Emerging Journalist" wants more black newsroom leaders; O'Malley speaks before audience of 10 at NABJ convention (8/10/15)


NABJ Audience Sees Prince — for 2 Minutes

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busloads travel to Paisley Park studio complex (8/9/15); Sarah Glover elected NABJ president; . . . Glover says "setbacks just set you up for a comeback"; Ellison: Cover laws allowing police to "take people's stuff"; BuzzFeed wins "Best Practices" award from NABJ (8/7/15)


Sarah Glover Elected NABJ President

Friday, August 7, 2015

Association faces prospect of second year in the red; . . . Glover says "setbacks just set you up for a comeback"; Ellison: cover laws allowing police to "take people's stuff"; BuzzFeed wins "best practices" award from NABJ (8/7/15)


Coverage Deflates Optimism on Race Issues

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Six in 10 black men cite bad experience with police; are outlets with scant diversity not coming forward?; NABJ says CNN kept its word, isn't Convention Sponsor; . . . Stuart Scott to join NABJ Hall of Fame after all; Wickham ends USA Today column after 30 years; Holt brings "Nightly News" best July in 10 years; senator calls Iranians "evil people," gets little coverage; Bad idea: "How white women can have an Afro"; Trump adviser calls Navarro, Martin "quota hires" (8/5/15)


Journalists in Ferguson Won't Be Charged

Monday, August 3, 2015

Media begin commemorations of portentous shooting; media gear up to assess Katrina's impact 10 years on; NAHJ names Martin, Pérez, Robles to Hall of Fame; Mexico City mayor vows hunt for photojournalist's killers; Robin Smith goes from St. Louis anchor to candidate; identical defenses of Confederacy, Washington team name (8/3/15)


"Visuals Matter" in Cincinnati Coverage

Friday, July 31, 2015

Were media really out to make black people look bad?; black cop-white driver scenario said to miss the point; for Kenyan radio, an interview they'll never forget; ProPublica "working hard" to increase diversity; Latino, other groups want golfers to spurn Trump; Jose Antonio Vargas not done with "White People"; MSNBC'S afternoon lineup is history; Whoops! Who saw that Negro League statues were gone?; Pinterest implements "Rooney Rule" to hasten diversity (7/31/15)


Body-Camera Footage Fuels Viewers' Outrage

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Networks show video of fatal Cincinnati encounter; Houston protesters denounce cartoon on Sandra Bland case; Philly anchor on leave after husband's indictment; when people feel like the token in the room; Nigerian journalists cope with threat of Boko Haram; Mary Hudetz, past president of NAJA, returning to AP; court papers show alleged Cosby victim is a Lesbian; media firms contribute to anti-immigrant policy makers; Andre Trevigne, New Orleans broadcaster, dies at 66 (7/29/15)


Another Slight Slide on Newsroom Diversity

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TeaserFrom ASNE: "Our industry isn't making progress" (7/28/15); Cosby cover sparks global conversation; Obama urges Ethiopia to curb crackdowns on press; Washington Post examines human cost of reporting; spreading of rumors in Sandra Bland case decried; MSNBC expected to drop "The Cycle," Alex Wagner for hard news; ABC brass join in tributes to Glennwood Branche; W magazine devotes spread to models of color; Coates book debuts at No. 1 on nonfiction list; photographer captures "Sea Slaves" in Southeast Asia (7/27/15)


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