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Demographic Changes Trump Midterms

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP base still a shrinking portion of electorate; landslide thwarts Paul DeMain's bid for Wis. Senate; from Hopis to Gullahs, low-power radio coming soon; Jill Abramson says Alessandra Stanley has tough job; Chang named "print editor" for N.Y. Times Metro section; new assignments for 4 of color in NPR newsroom; Amazon managers 75 percent white, 18 percent Asian; apology for lack of white men in catcalling video (11/5/14)


43% of Nonvoters Are People of Color

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Vast gulf" in finances between voters, nonvoters; reporter Jonathan Hicks dies at 58, "true Renaissance man"; biographer Whitaker stands firm in Cosby controversy; Ferguson no-fly zone was aimed at media, AP reports; FCC approves transfer of TV station to black firm; Lilly Workneh named latest editor of HuffPost BlackVoices; when is it right to exploit other cultures to create fashion?; African migrants in Russia describe 'hell on Earth'" (11/3/14)


Mourners Aid Victimized U.S. Journalists

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dominicans embrace Americans after equipment stolen; visiting African sees "hysterical" Ebola coverage in U.S.; editorial writer who called Brown an "animal" is fired; José Díaz-Balart awarded second hour as MSNBC anchor; in voluntary exodus, Cincinnati newsroom losing 1 in 6; C-SPAN on outs with White House for last 4 years; "Red State," "Blue State" on AP list of clichés to avoid; PBS series on America's browning also showing online; How Rev. Al became the incredible shrinking Sharpton (10/31/14)


Holder Sees End to Journalist's Prosecution

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Attorney general repeats, "No reporter's going to jail"; administration refines practice of leaking to news outlets; Zucker ties CNN sponsorship to NABJ statement; more than 1,300 bid farewell to Ben Bradlee, his era; Sister2Sister "restructuring," but hasn't filed bankruptcy; pathologist in Michael Brown case disputes conclusions; 1 in 13 voting-age blacks can't vote due to felonies; freed journalist describes torture by "band of sadists"; four-part video series uses humor for social statements (10/29/14)


Sister2Sister Magazine Files for Bankruptcy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Publisher says she'll focus on online edition; Native school shooter had "foot in each of two worlds"; Stevie Wonder visits FCC to aid visually impaired; three women of the black diaspora; on CNN's media show, 11 guests of 146 were black; advice from BuzzFeed's Ebola reporter: Break the rules; Asian Americans energized despite lack of attention; Justice Dept. urged to probe abuses of press in Ferguson; a photographer with fingers crossed, eyes wide open (10/27/14)


Radio Host Ballentine Found Guilty of Fraud

Friday, October 24, 2014

"People's lawyer" accused of bilking lenders of $10 million; terrorists targeting Western journalists, FBI warns; leaks on Michael Brown autopsy said to favor officer; Ebola victims nameless, voiceless, says Nigerian American; NBCUniversal settles unpaid intern suit for $6.4 million; writer denies Americans are in information cocoons; Chicago Defender names first female top editor (10/24/14)


Ben Bradlee Wrestled With Racial Issues

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fabled editor, dead at 93, acknowledged his ignorance; autopsy indicates Michael Brown reached for cop's gun; debate questioners overwhelmingly white men; Poynter to host African journalists university turned away; David Plazas to lead Tennessean editorial board; NAHJ says free regional conferences pay off; "A Limited View of Boys From the Bronx" (10/22/14)


15 More Disinvited in Fear of Ebola

Monday, October 20, 2014

Universities of Ga., South Fla. cancel invitations to Africans; troubles not over for reporter who broke quarantine; NAHJ attracts nearly 400 in Mexico City; caucus chair: sharp cuts of CNN blacks would be "affront"; Tamron Hall tears muscle after screaming in haunted house; NHL player ousted swiftly after domestic violence arrest; lessons from Boston Herald cartoon mistake; N.Y. Times honored for series on underpaid disabled; black opinion editor ties gay marriage to civil rights (10/20/14)


CNN "Reconsidering" NABJ Sponsorships

Friday, October 17, 2014

Journalists say network retaliates after criticism; reports on Ebola turned toward perspective this week; skepticism greets news that Nigerian girls will be freed; artist redraws cartoon in response to NAHJ objections; Univision ends newscasts at Puerto Rico TV station; study shows no lack of qualified black, Latino geeks; O'Reilly tells Jon Stewart there is no "white privilege"; chilling series captures dangers of women on migrant trail (10/17/14)


Disinvited Over Fear of Ebola

Thursday, October 16, 2014

J-dean says any decision would leave someone upset (10/16/14); CNN layoffs reach journalists of color; . . . MSNBC says it is keeping promises to Hispanics; journalists robbed, news vehicle stolen at prayer vigil; NPR to pull back on use of Washington NFL team name; Nancy Snyderman apologizes for violating Ebola quarantine; new BuzzFeed publisher Dao Nguyen to refashion role; Time revisits "model minority" stereotype; Boston Herald opinion editor asks forgiveness for cartoon; diversity lament from Britain sounds familiar (10/15/14)


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