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NABJ's Sidmel Estes Hit by Mystery Illness

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sidmel Estes-SumpterFriends start online fund drive to provide health care; Philly's fee for covering pope from risers: $1,500; Natives object to canonizing friar accused of cruelty; ex-publisher says newspaper diversity efforts have failed; Marvel hires Coates to write Black Panther comic; Egyptian president pardons, frees Al Jazeera reporters; black publishers honor Roland Martin, 4 others; Carson condemned for Muslim comment, donations rise; Clinton talks black colleges, birthers on Joyner show (9/23/15)


Black Journalists Threatened After WDBJ Shooting

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Roanoke television station secured restraining order; NAHJ messages: "Be bolder," "Do exactly what Ramos did"; Hsu named executive director of Maynard Institute; reaction surprised reporter who broke clock story; expanded roles for Yvette Miley, Rashida Jones at MSNBC; Rev. Everett Parker dies, challenged bigots' TV license; 4 of color laid off at N.Y. News, New Orleans group; "Mikado" pulled after Asian Americans protest yellowface; photographer joined migrants to document the danger; big digital push for Coates' opus on incarceration (9/20/15)


N.Y. Times Nabs Pulitzer-Winning Critic Wesley Morris

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Angry black woman" line laid bare lack of diversity; two black journalists among latest Daily News layoffs;   NAHJ delays decision on equal votes for nonjournalists, "no shortage of Africans among the migrants"; how about statues of Trump at the border?; "The Undefeated" takes on Chicago's "struggle for hope"; opinion writers cite Islamophobia in teen's mistreatment;  journalists who risked lives, careers to be honored (9/17/15)


NAHJ Board Wants Equal Voting Status for PR Members

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Members deciding on bylaw changes this week; two black journalists among latest Daily News layoffs; how about statues of Trump at the border?; "The Undefeated" takes on Chicago's "struggle for hope"; opinion writers cite Islamophobia in teen's mistreatment; journalists who risked lives, careers to be honored; "no shortage of Africans among the migrants" (9/16/15)


The Worst-Reported Stories About Detroit

Monday, September 14, 2015

Renewal underway, and whites get all the credit; . . . perceptions aren't all about race, but . . .; on 9/11, Arab American says things "seem to be getting worse" (9/14/15)


Alternative News Media "Getting Whiter"

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Women, LGBT people benefit most from diversity hiring; Charleston survivors speak out in NBC interview; Columnist: paying youth not to shoot is worth a try; U.S. black journalists draw different portrait of S. Africa; Cronkite School creates border reporting program; Marc Lamont Hill out as host of "HuffPostLive"; diverse group of fellowship winners, "emerging reporters"; Allegra Bennett, "Renovating Woman," dies at 68; college president sees news story, smooths a way to school (9/9/15)


Are You Ready for Kanye vs. Trump?

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Yorker cover imagines the unimaginable for 2020; double standard seen in use of graphic videos; Charleston paper urges death penalty over massacre; FBI agents call after story on Black Lives Matter; journalists "pushed away" from migrants at train; Díaz-Balart might survive MSNBC daytime shakeup; singing for the pope; media covering Obama in Alaska missed tribal story; Oakland residents trained as correspondents for 4th year (9/4/15)


Roker Show Pulled; Followed Dispute Over Katrina

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weatherman challenged downplaying of anniversary; photos of drowned toddler too powerful not to show; Trump lashes out at Abdul-Jabbar after critical essay; station uploads video of fatal police shooting of citizen; anchor tells viewers why she says it the Spanish way; who says Vester Flanagan was mentally ill?; Harris Faulkner sues toy company over use of name; AM broadcasters want action on access to FM dial; Olympics not factored in for NABJ-NAHJ convention (9/2/15)


Media Fan Anti-Police Attitudes, Critics Say

Monday, August 31, 2015

Some on right link reporting to Texas deputy's slaying; Editorial writer: "Birthright citizenship" issue is personal; stories on Va. shooter say co-workers offered help; wrong man's photo circulated as Va. on-air shooter; media coverage of Katrina said to fail, like the levees; military writers honor package on troops' "moral injury"; that line about armor and other Asian American issues; Sharpton to keep same salary for doing one Show weekly; six black women on covers of September magazines (8/31/15)


How Katrina Changed Journalists' Values

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ten years ago, people wandered along Interstate 10 near the Superdome to escapeNews director: "New level of expectation for myself . . ."; "We can probably screen more," G.M. at WDBJ-TV says; Egypt sentences Al Jazeera journalists to three years; "anchor babies" number thousands, not millions; Twitter sets 11% goal for "underrepresented minorities"; Oklahoma J-school presses diversity after racist video; U. of Texas gets OK to move Jefferson Davis statue; Mass communications student slain at Savannah State; Dallas Weekly passes torch to become "DW," "like a GQ"; Liberian journalists protest public floggings of reporters (8/28/15)

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