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Mizzou J-School a Part of Protest Story

Monday, November 9, 2015

Columnists call football team's threatened strike historic; troopers misreport race of drivers they stop, station finds; do reporters really wear an "unthought-about uniform"?; editor sees abandoned childhood home as writer's digs; candidates counter challenges by yelling lies louder; after Trump on "SNL," Latino leader wonders about allies; N.Y. Times explores chances of changing Mississippi flag; in Europe, short-lived sympathy for migrants, refugees; Ethiopians, too, want to tell their own stories (11/9/15)


Carson Fights One-Two Punch From Media

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tales of West Point offer, violent past challenged; Amos Brown, "voice of the people" in Indy, dies at 64; Native Americans hail rejection of Keystone pipeline; unmasking of cop's suicide destroys anti-black narrative; website created to aid laid-off Philly journalists; women who escaped from ISIS tell their stories; Adidas to help schools change offensive logos; former Rep. Gus Savage, D-Ill., also owned newspaper; Clinton courts black voters on Ebony website; TV's "Newsroom" couldn't top life at a N.Y. tabloid (11/6/15 and 11/7/15)


And Now, a Case of "Sitting While White"

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Bland got off easy," columnist writes of tasered man; 46 laid off at Philly Inquirer, Daily News,; K.C. Star sells out of World Series victory papers; Tribune agrees with Spike Lee: This is an emergency; columnist "suspected" boxer was lying about porn role; "SNL" pulls promo with Trump calling Carson a "loser"; public radio, TV project to "engage" diverse new audiences; young journalists report from world's danger zones (11/4/15)


J-Dean Stopped for "Walking While Black"?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Video of Saturday morning encounter prompts a debate; Obama: News cycle leads to sensationalism, pessimism; . . . "Hamilton" called example of making history relevant; GOP candidates maneuver for better terms in debates; Merida sees possibilities working for a Disney company; immigrants from Africa doubling every decade; belated contribution to Filipino American History Month; journalistic casualties in battle against ISIS (11/2/15)


NABJ Shakeup After New Deficit Estimate

Friday, October 30, 2015

Figure nears $380K; executive director's job, 2 others cut; organizer says he'll continue drive to oust Lemon; Philly Inquirer, Daily News, newsrooms to merge; ESPN Shuts Grantland, longform journalism showcase; 8 months inside immigrant-rich Baltimore high school; police cite privacy in withholding Dylann Roof documents; Chicago Tribune reports wrongful convictions in Waukegan; assaulted S.C. schoolgirl isn't an orphan, lawyer says (10/30/15)


Why Are Cops in Schools, Anyway?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Media question discipline practices after S.C. incident; 25,000 sign petition urging CNN to fire Don Lemon; GOP candidates blast CNBC, mainstream media in debate; Alex Poinsett, Ebony editor for three decades, dies at 89; Johnson Publishing's Fashion Fair Cosmetics in "upheaval"; sometimes a writer has to go where her gut tells her; "60 Minutes" takes viewers to excavated slave ship; . . Texas Observer to help I.D. dead would-be migrants (10/28/15)


Media Coverage Said to Slow Down Police

Monday, October 26, 2015

FBI director ties scrutiny, rise in violent crime; Ole Miss removes state flag from campus; Houston Chronicle series showcases foreign-born; "enormous reaction" to Providence Journal's "Race in R.I."; NABJ officials silent on financial issues; writer says "diversity" term has become watered down; . . . "or teaching even white writers more about race"; Telemundo's aggressive approach to news helps ratings (10/26/15)


Obama to Black Lives Matter: Got Your Back

Friday, October 23, 2015

Group "raises legitimate issue," president says at forum; Campaign '16 press corps has gender, not racial diversity; dressing like "Empire's" Cookie and working at N.Y. Times; Mark Rochester named top editor in Rock Hill, S.C.; NPR adds a black male voice to "All Things Considered"; NAHJ meets in Mexico City, miles from hurricane; Robert Montemayor dies, on Pulitzer-winning L.A. team; BET picks non-black hosts for its French edition; that should be *Mari* Negro; Rubio: Don't like Trump on "SNL"? Don't watch; Tampa Bay Times praises vote to remove Confederate flag (10/23/15)


Why Is Donald Trump Hosting "SNL"?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Latinos see invitation as "a big '[expletive] you' "; Black Lives Matter gets OK for candidate "town hall"; The Root to produce content for Fusion cable network; Obama, Marshall Project to discuss criminal justice; . . . why so much Indian-on-Indian violence?; BuzzFeed's nonwhite staff rises from 25% to 31% in year; Canadian vote holds lessons for U.S. Native Americans; Malcolm-Jamal Warner disappointed in Ebony vover; Louie Robinson dies at 88, spent 30 years at Ebony (10/21/15)


Kevin Merida to Lead ESPN's "The Undefeated"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Change of direction for Washington Post's first black M.E.; FCC OK's Armstrong Williams purchase of 2 more stations; Howard U. considers selling TV station in FCC auction (10/19/15); why news industry failed on diversity goals; "those good old days worked better for white males"; commenters blast Ala. editorials on license office closures; Ebony cover "boldly confronts" our stake in "Cosby"; Unity draws 140 to talk civil rights, "New South"; Jesus isn't Jorge, Latino baseball writer protests; U.S. reporter's imprisonment tied to Iranian politics; NAHJ board to discuss status of V.P. who changed jobs; friends watch as Ifill receives National Press Club award; "10 big stories the news media ignored" (10/18/15)

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