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Intimidation's Devastating Effects

Scott JohnsonPart of our mission is to help the media tell different stories. Here is an a example, written by reporter Scott Johnson, whose work can be seen on Oakland Effect, an 18-month investigative reporting project funded by The California Endowment and run in partnership with The Oakland Tribune. -MIJE Staff


Entrepreneurs in the Know: Kelly Virella, Dominion of New York, Editor

This is the first in a series of conversations we'll be having with entrepreneurs of color. We will discuss their accomplishments, lessons learned, and advice for budding entrepreneurs. If you have suggestions for people people you'd like to read about and learn from, please contact us at

First up, Kelly Virella! She is the 2011 recipient of a UNITY NewU entrepreneur fellowship and founder of Dominion of New York.  -MIJE Staff


The deal, the mess, and a look ahead

Even as the media has been focused on the fiscal cliff, little coverage has been spent looking at the ramifications for Native Americans. MIJE board chair Mark Trahant looks at newly passed deal with an eye for it means for everyone, including those in Indian Country. - MIJE Staff

By Mark Trahant

For Indian Country the deal is important for several reasons. First, it puts off the sequester until March. That will give agencies, tribes and individuals, time to prepare. The odds are that every federally-funded program will have to shrink and that federal employees will be looking at some kind of furlough in 2013. The deal also keeps  the Special Diabetes Program for Indians going at its current funding level.


Social Media 101 with Mediabistro

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do you know someone who needs basic training on how to set up and use a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile? We can help. Join us for Social Media 101, an online conference and workshop starting January 17.


For Diversity Champion Wanda Lloyd, the Challenges Haven’t Changed

As news organizations tried to find a foothold within a rapidly changing technological and business environment, newsrooms downsized and diversity efforts took a disproportionate hit.

There were 7,400 journalists of color according to the 2006 American Society of News Editors census of daily newspapers. By the 2012 census there were 5,000.


Could Newtown Be for Gun Control What Birmingham Was for Civil Rights?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It seems only realistic to despair that we will ever change America’s stance on guns. Still, let me tell you about Gene Patterson and a column he wrote called “A Flower for the Graves.”

Gene was editor of the Atlanta Constitution from 1960 to 1968, and he chronicled those turbulent years in a daily column.  A Georgia farm boy, a Southern liberal, he ached at the cruelty that defined his time and place, and he sought in vain to hasten its end.

Then came the Birmingham bombing.


If Only Mitt Romney Had Read My Book Before Talking About Obama's "Gifts" to Certain Voters

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eric DeggansTampa Bay Times TV/Media Critic Eric Deggans recently published Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation. Here is his take on media, race and the election. 


Maynard Media Academy Now Accepting Applications

Nobody was born a successful media titan. They developed a set of skills that allowed them to succeed.

Do you want to learn the critical thinking skills necessary to build a successful enterprise? Do you want to learn how to properly assess the business climate and to negotiate better deals?

"The skills I learned during Maynard's Media Academy without a doubt led to my becoming the editor of The Oakland Tribune. The tools I acquired were essential to taking the next step in my career and have continued to serve me as I embarked on this new, innovative position. It was like getting a mini-MBA,” said Martin Reynolds, Senior Editor of Community Engagement, Bay Area News Group.


Denise Juneau and the Montana Native American Vote

Denise Juneau

Exemplifying some of the undertold stories of the election, MIJE board member Mark Trahant produced a segment on the campaign of Denise Juneau and what it says about the growing importance of the Native American vote in the state of Montana and in the country as a whole.

Examples like this remind us of the importance of diversity in the nation's news media. - MIJE Staff

American Indians are a small group nationally, just over one percent of all voters. But in Montana that number is nearly 8 percent and are a key voting bloc. Six years ago Native voters helped elect Jon Tester to the U.S. Senate and four years ago they elected Denise Juneau to run the state's school system.


The Transformation of Barack Obama

Michael K. Frisby Veteran political reporter Mike Frisby reflects on the election. - MIJE Staff

We have just witnessed the evolution of Barack Obama.  Just watched his last campaign speech (ever) and what I saw was an amazing transformation. Hard to imagine it was the same politician who looked so broken and dispirited at the first debate. There is something about the American political process that actually works: it breaks a man or woman down, and we watch whether they succumb or if they have the resolve to recover.